How Does Content Kingdom™ Work?

UPDATE: Due to popular demand, Content Kingdom is now accepting new orders 24/7. You no longer have to wait to receive the newsletter announcing the opening of our service. So whenever you are ready to order, just use the form below to do so.

Every week or so, we will send out a newsletter announcing that we are accepting new article requests. When you receive the newsletter, you can order up to 10 articles at a time.

(If you need more than 10 articles or have a special project, e.g. non-keyword based articles, product reviews, ebooks, press releases, newsletters, etc., just email us before you place an order for a custom quote).

Once we have reached capacity, we will send out another newsletter announcing when the round will close. We will give you plenty of time to place an order.

We then have our trained writers get to work creating unique, targeted, search engine optimized content just for you based on the keywords/topics you provide.

After the writer finishes the articles, our marketing team reviews them thoroughly. The articles are then sent to you via email. You can use them for whatever purpose you wish: adding content to your sites, blogs, submitting them to article directories, publishing them in newsletters...the sky is the limit.

How To Order Your Articles

Ordering with Content Kingdom™ is very simple. There are only two steps.

1) Each time we send out a newsletter saying the service is open -- and assuming you want articles that round -- you can order up to 10 articles using the order menu below.


6-10 Article Order (Regular or Speedy)


1-5 Article Order (Regular Or Speedy)

You can order up to 10 articles at a time, and the rate is $11 per article for regular service (articles are returned within 7-14 days) and $14 per article for speedy turnaround (articles are returned in 7 days or less)


Custom Order Requests & Content Kingdom Marketing

Custom Orders
If you need more than 10 articles, specific word counts, or have a special request such as landing pages, product reviews, ebooks, newsletters or anything that does not fit the "keyword" mold, use the form at the bottom of this page to submit your custom order request.

We will let you know if we can accommodate you and what the cost will be. Once we give you the cost, you can come back to this page and place the order below.

Content Kingdom Marketing Service
Now you can work one-on-one with our experts to help take your business to the next level. Anything you need onsite or offsite, whether it's a small project or ongoing monthly consultations, the Content Kingdom experts can help. Best of all, just like with our content, we're offering our services at very low prices exclusively for our members!

Here are just some of the many things we are currently helping our Content Kingdom members with:

1. Site Analysis - Are you using your content correctly? Are you targeting the right keywords? Is your site optimized? Is it Panda/Penguin friendly?

2. Affiliate Marketing - What are the best programs in your niche? How do you find a great program? What's the best way to promote products/services?

3. Pay Per Click - How does it work? How do you pick the best keywords? How do you create an ad? How do you bid? How do you set a budget? How do you set up a campaign?

4. Social Networking - Which social site(s) should you join? How do you do it? How can it be used to help promote your business? How do you get people to follow you?

5. Search Engine Visibility - How do you get your site to the top of the rankings at Google, Bing and Yahoo!?

Basically, anything related to your online business that you need assistance with, the Content Kingdom team can assist with. Whether you need us to show you how to do it yourself, or actually do it for you, we're here.

To get started, just send us an email with your needs, no matter how big or small. We will then put together a custom quote for you.

*When you get to the Paypal page, just enter the amount we quoted you.


2) After payment is made, use the form below to provide the details of your order. Here is an example of what you should include in the message box below:

Hello, this is John Smith and I just sent payment from 123 Web Marketing for 5 articles. Please write the following articles for me:

Article 1: weight loss drugs, weight loss pills
Article 2: diet pills, diet drugs
Article 3: weight loss shakes, weight loss drinks
Article 4: diet plans, weight loss plan
Article 5: weight loss supplements, supplements for weight loss

Notes: These articles are for healthy weight loss and should have a positive spin. I am trying to promote natural weight loss alternatives, and they will be used on my blog.

Thank you,


Content Kingdom Order Information/Custom Request Form

* Required

Please note: We accept no more than 3 keywords per article, but recommend you keep it to one or two, as that is typically more effective for search engine purposes.


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